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Bring it

Good God <3 

Good God <3 

Here kitty kitty

Kittens these guys cant seem to find you,.Please like so they can follow. Men look at the notes for likes im not going to keep doing this. I reblog from them all the time you should read and follow links 

rico1371 said: Can we get more of Brittney? Going through withdrawal here.

I KNOW! ill go bug her

hepnod said: Is Phoenix single?

No sir she is not

kman0311 said: Is Sparkles still around?

Sparkles is an admin on our page with Me (Emma) Jelly is on a holiday 



For all my Betty lovers you can see our sexy Devil kitten tonight from 10-4 at PT centerfold in Denver. Go give her some love 



My Facebook page is gone


If any of y’all are looking for me on fb my account got removed for being “fake” apparently someone’s not happy with her competition cause we’re all getting attacked now.. Sorry guys :(

Dirty ass haters. You can attack our girls but they will not going away. 


Alright here is that special!!

Trust me its a special, cause I don’t dance! (unless I’m under the influence.)

Alright so for those who couldn’t get it to play let’s see if it works on Facebook so look for it on my profile there.

I love getting videos of our sexy kittens 

waikoloa1 said: That video of Phoenix was hot. Thanks!!

I love getting videos…HINT HINT kittens : )